EZ Exchange FAQs

How to Invest

How do I invest in EZX Token?

If you wish to participate in the pre-ICO or ICO of EZX, please sign up on our website.

What currencies can I use to invest in EZX Token?

You can participate in the EZX pre-ICO or ICO, in Ether (ETH) and Fiat in select countries.

Which Ethereum wallet should I use?

To contribute to our token sale, you must send your Ether from a wallet for which you have private keys. Do not send your Ether from an exchange. Once the EZX Tokens are released they will be distributed to the same wallet from which you contributed.

What are the dates for pre-ICO and ICO launch?

EZ Exchange is announcing the extension of our private pre-sale, due to the interest that we have received from investors around the world. As a result and combined with current market conditions, EZ Exchange has decided to defer our public token sale. The new date for our ICO will be shared soon.

What are the different stages of the ICO?

The price of the token during the two phases of the sale is outlined in the table below:

Pre-ICO (Public) 1 EZX = $0.30 USD (in Ethereum equivalent)

ICO (Public) 1 EZX = $0.40 USD (in Ethereum equivalent)

Are there country restrictions to investing in EZX Token?

The token sale excludes participation from the following countries: Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, Nepal, Bangladesh and USA. US accredited investors are welcome to participate.

Is there a limit on the number of Tokens I can purchase?

The EZX pre-ICO will release 20,000,000 tokens to whitelisted individuals. The ICO round will make another 80,000,000 tokens available to the public.

Owning and Trading EZX Token

When can I begin trading EZX Token?

EZX will be available to trade upon the EZ Exchange platform launch, however, individual country restrictions on the trade of securities will apply.

Do EZX Tokens give me voting rights for EZ Exchange?

No, owning EZX does not entitle the holder to any voting rights with EZ Exchange.

Can EZX Tokens be mined?

All EZX Tokens are pre-mined, they cannot be mined.

About Us

Where is EZ Exchange registered?

EZ Exchange is registered in Malta.